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Pigmentation Improvement


Pigmentation Improvement

Basic Principle:

Melanin Generation

Visible pigmentation of the skin, hair, and eyes depends primarily on the presence of melanin in those tissues. Melanin is produced by specific cells called melanocytes.

How does it work?

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Three various high-quality LED Lights are able to treat each different skin troubles, such as normal-skin, acne, and even atopic dermatitis. The device can emit Red LED(415nm), blue LED (656nm), and infrared LED (830nm). The advantage of LED device is that it has no side-effect and able to do painless treatment on a wider area such as the face, neck, and even scalp.

Octoline 2 is innovative skin care equipment. It offers optimized treatments for all who want to get skin care treatments on a daily basis and also good for people who need after care treatments after a laser treatment. Jet peeling and Scrubber remove the layers of dead skin and cleanse skin pores. Spray and Phonophoresis/Ultrasound deliver effective nutrients supplements into the skin through barrier zone. In combination of treatments, you can offer an optimized service to any patient with any skin type.

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