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Non-Surgical Facelift

Make your life better, Change your skin texture.


Non-Surgical Facelift

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How does it work?

The combination of 3 functions for Complete Skin Care.

HydraBeauty is a skin care system which uses its specialized tip to exfoliate, pore cleanse, and also penetrate the differentiated premium solution into skin by using the principle of electroporation that it will make the skin clear and clean.


Aqua Cleansing system – Radial Tip

Solution is emitted from central aperture and spread along the solution path while in contact with the skin, dissolving impurities then exists through the waste inlet port.

Solution penetrates through electroporation

Effective solution penetration for skin rejuvenation and nutrition.

3 types of LED light.


It is a method of making substances of certain molecular weight going through the cell membrane. Electro pulses disturb phospholipid bilayer to temporarily make pores on skin surface and they are closed when the electro pulses stop and the solution penetrates into the cell through the pores.

How does it work?

  • Step 1
    – Stimulate the tissue with Micro needing – Release RF energy to intended depth.
  • Step 2
    – Cause regeneration of skin tissue by perforation of scar tissue. – RF energy will directly affect to the dermal layer, regenerate collagen and elastin.
  • Step 3
    Healing period around 2 weeks. (Cell regeneration period)
  • Step 4
    – Effective to wrinkle, pore, scar revision. Proceed treatment with 3 difficult depths to epidermis and dermis, form Thermal zone on upper dermis, and maximize the treatment effect.
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