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Body Slimming


Body Slimming

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Basic principle:

Fat Layer Constitution

The basic science of noninvasive body contouring is really the basic science of the adipocyte, its storage of triglyceride, and the aggregate number of adipocytes as they relate to the focal and generalized excess of adipose tissue, the convex distension that forms the focal “bulges,” and more superficially, clinical cellulite topographically. The adipocyte is a very important cell involved in energy storage, hormonal regulation, and a host of other endocrinological functions. The adipocyte has a large amount of cytoplasm that serves as a storage depot for triglycerides, which are composed of glycerol and free fatty acids. The adipose cell is our intermediate and long-term energy storage depot. When caloric intake exceeds caloric output, adipocytes then swell with triglycerides. As adipocytes continue to enlarge within their intralobular and interlobular fascial compartments, they create “bulges” or convex distensions of soft tissue that then modify our contours.

Typical convex distensions that one sees in the female topography are “out-pouching,” “bulges,” or convex distensions of the hips, lower abdomen, outer thighs, inner thighs, inner knees, arms, and bra line. For men, the typical android distribution of subcutaneous adipose-derived convex distensions commonly include the flanks (love handles), lower abdomen, “spare tire,” male fatty breast tissue, and the submentum.

How does it work?

  • Step 1
    – Stimulate the tissue with Micro needing – Release RF energy to intended depth.
  • Step 2
    – Cause regeneration of skin tissue by perforation of scar tissue. – RF energy will directly affect to the dermal layer, regenerate collagen and elastin.
  • Step 3
    Healing period around 2 weeks. (Cell regeneration period)
  • Step 4
    – Effective to wrinkle, pore, scar revision. Proceed treatment with 3 difficult depths to epidermis and dermis, form Thermal zone on upper dermis, and maximize the treatment effect.
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