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Body Shaping

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Basic Principle:

Subcutaneous Tissue & Cellulite.

Subcutaneous adipose tissue represents about 85% of all body fat. Its major metabolic role is the regulated storage and mobilization of lipid energy.

Cellulite is a metabolic disorder of the subcutaneous tissue in which adipose tissue protrudes through the dermis. It presents topographically as orange peel like skin dimpling primarily found in the pelvic area, lower limbs and abdominal region, although it can appear in any area in which there is subcutaneous adipose. It is mainly a female phenomenon, seen in 85 – 98% of women, and because of this, it has been categorized as a female secondary sexual characteristic. Cellulite results from many complex events that involve the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

How does it work?

Body Contouring Radio Frequency ideal for those looking to tone, firm, or tighten an area of skin

The technicians at DaVinci help clients lose inches and combat cellulite using noninvasive body contouring treatments. Clients recline while radio frequency works to shrink fat cells in problem areas such as the thighs, arms, and abdomen. In addition our clients combine Radio Frequency procedures with our highly popular and effective Lipo Laser treatments (check our Body Slimming page)

Cellulite reduction Vacuum with Laser massage.

Clinical cellulite reduction technologies using at DaVinci combined dynamic laser light to break down the cell walls of fatty tissue, with a roller massage and vacuum to help contour the body, to contour bodies without surgery, targeting fat deposits with laser light, which causes the fat cells to release their contents and shrink.

Fat Burning  & Muscle Growth & Strength

New generation of body shaping device with Electromagnetic that enables Intelligent EMS Technology. It leads to more toned and firmer muscle and fat burning for better body appearance in 30 minutes. Who’s candidate for InShape? Anyone can be candidate for InShape treatment. InShape is recommended for patients with conditions mentioned below; • Who has BMI less than 24. - In case of more than 25, recommended additional program with other devices like Lipolaser, HIFU, RF-suction (available at DaVinci) for better results. • Who has localized fat on abdomen and thighs. • Who has less fat and lean muscle on abdomen and buttocks. • Who is already skinny and need to do workout. • Who is already in shape and do workout regularly. But need extra intensive workout for body area to desire. 30-minute session produces nearly 20,000 muscle contractions. Contracting repeatedly without rest stresses the muscles, triggering rapid changes at the cellular level that make them grow stronger.

InShape PV Treatment is a noninvasive treatment for all forms of urinary incontinence.

Stress urinary incontinence can occur in women, even men also, due to abdominal pressure to the stomach or similar situation such as coughing, sneezing, skipping rope or lifting heavy things. It uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) to stimulate muscle contractions in your pelvic floor—the layer of muscles stretched like a hammock below the bladder, uterus, and bowels. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can restore your ability to control your bladder. The treatment involves sitting fully clothed on the InShape chair (also known as the Kegel throne or Kegel chair) for about 30 minutes. The seat of the chair emits electromagnetic energy, which causes you to involuntarily contract your pelvic floor muscles 11,200 times in a single session. The contractions are painless but more powerful than your regular kegel exercises. There’s no downtime after InShape PV Treatment. Emsella works best as a series of six sessions scheduled twice a week, with follow-up sessions every 6 to 12 months. Some patients see results after a single session, with improvements over time.

Mid intensity frequency - muscle simulation.

Mid intensity frequency - muscle simulation and fat burning body-sculpting treatments that builds muscle and dissolve fat. It delivers mid-intensity frequency to supply energy for so many muscle contractions, neighboring fat cells break down via a process called lipolysis.

Intermediate frequency effects:
• Muscle contraction and relaxation
• Increased muscle strength, capillary dilation, and increased blood flow
• Because energy is consumed through muscle movement, fat burns
• Improvement of elasticity through muscle contraction.


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