Body Shaping

Make your life better, Change your body Shape.

Body Shaping

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Basic Principle:

Subcutaneous Tissue & Cellulite.

Subcutaneous adipose tissue represents about 85% of all body fat. Its major metabolic role is the regulated storage and mobilization of lipid energy.

Cellulite is a metabolic disorder of the subcutaneous tissue in which adipose tissue protrudes through the dermis. It presents topographically as orange peel like skin dimpling primarily found in the pelvic area, lower limbs and abdominal region, although it can appear in any area in which there is subcutaneous adipose. It is mainly a female phenomenon, seen in 85 – 98% of women, and because of this, it has been categorized as a female secondary sexual characteristic. Cellulite results from many complex events that involve the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

How does it work?

Step 1. Radiofrequency

RF energy that has been transferred into the skin converts to thermal energy then gets delivered into a subcutaneous adipose tissue. Thermal energy promotes microcirculation and increases blood flow within the fat tissue and thereby boosting its metabolism and increasing the elasticity of the skin. Such action brings improving effects in the skin texture as well as the body type.

Step 2. Vacuum

Vacuum increase blood vessel and lymphatic circulation and lymphatic drainage, which further contribute to lipid turnover and fat cell redistribution throughout the body. The resulting simultaneous increase in the dermal collagen and ground substance content, connective tissue architecture, and the decrease in subcutaneous fat tissue volume allow for optimal circumferential reduction and improvement in cellulite appearance.) Toning up deep tissue, for draining and reoxygenating the most superficial layers of the derma and for handling delicate and difficult zones such as the visage, neck and arms.


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